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Eduardo Clemente was born in Portugal in 1981. He grew up in a small, simple family and as an only child. His parents always made everything so that he could see his studies through, and he graduated in Business Management in 2004 at ISCTE in Lisbon.

After graduating he started his first job as an auditor in the Financial Services sector which also gave him the opportunity to start travelling to other countries, in particular to Angola where he would spend some months per year.

Then, at age 25, an opportunity came to leave Portugal, move to Angola, and assume a position as Head of Accounting & Planning and one of the biggest Banks in Angola which he took. He left his country in an adventure that would shape his career and personal experiences from then onwards.

He stayed in that role for 9 years and then an opportunity came to move to a smaller bank in Angola but part of a major international Financial Group, which he took and where he had several different roles culminating with become an Executive Director in 2018.

He also created his own project, called Igniting Potential, where he acts as a Business Angel and mentor to entrepreneurs and Startups, mainly focusing on helping the entrepreneurial ecosystem to develop and mature, with a focus of helping to created much needed new jobs in the country.

Eduardo is a creative disruptor, a change agent in all he does and a firm believer in continuous learning. He enjoys also to share his experience and views in public speaking events and conferences also allowing him to interact with people from all over the world.

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If you are serious about becoming a high-performing leader and one that is loved by their team. Invest into yourself and read Attitude Is Your Superpower. Eduardo will forever change the way you look at developing your most important skill; Your Attitude.

Hernani Alves

CEO | Balanced IQ Leadership

I wish I had access to this book earlier in my life and my career! It’s filled with powerful yet easy actionable tips to improve your attitude and life.

Tracy Jackson

President & CEO | SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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All rights reserved – 2021
All rights reserved – 2021